Jack Philps; The Director of Seaspec Marine Services. A thriving business, contributing commitment and perseverance to the marine industry, ensuring all projects remain on time, on budget, and to the quality standard required.


Jack knows that no single approach is the right one, and so he has been trained in a range of different sectors. He holds qualifications in Engineering, Marine Operations and is an accredited Marine Surveyor. He has extensive experience within the commercial, defence and super yacht sector, and his leadership, project management and ship repair skills exceed the everyday standard.  

Born in the United Kingdom, then moved to Australia during his childhood. Living close to the coast Jack developed a fondness for the ocean, which quickly advanced his keen interest in the marine industry. Full of energy and determination, Jack went from the corporate matrix to being out on his own for the first time. He wanted to build a company that goes above and beyond just a service, offering his extensive experience to others as a duty. He built a discipline for every day, every hour, seeking out new opportunities for the business and for himself. His own improvement became vital for the improvement of the business, to his customers, and his employees. He understands the value of drive, and it keeps him and his business actively moving forward.



Craig Savage; Site Supervisor


Craig has been working in the marine industry for 13 years. He is a boat builder by trade, but his skill level and experience have allowed him an important role within Seaspec. He is the site supervisor and it is his job to manage the day-to-day tasks of all the other employees.   

At 20 years of age, Craig began work in the marine industry as a Trade Assistant. He was working for a company called Leopard Power Cats for 3 years, mainly focusing on fibre glass production and fit out. After Leopard Power Cats, Craig began working for a company called SSM Boat Building, where he went on to learn commercial fit out and fibre glass. After 2 years he moved on to work for one of the biggest aluminium boat builders in Australia, where he settled for 5 years, developing an extensive, specialised knowledge and skills base. There Craig spent 2 years mastering commercial fit out and fibre glass, and a further 3 years working on aluminium fabrication and welding and demonstrating his proficiency as a boat supervisor. Craig then decided to enhance his education by spending 1 year at Stella Marine Group Pty Ltd, establishing engineering and continuing to advance at welding and fabrication. Following this education, Craig did 1 year of contracting before he joined us here at Seaspec Marine Services.


Tawaia Baiteke;  Certified Welder


Tawaia has been working in the marine industry since 1991. Tawaia began his work in the Marine Industry on the Island of Nauru where he worked for 3 years, absorbing all the knowledge he could, before moving to New Zeeland. In New Zeeland, he worked for Ullizich Aluminium establishing firm employment for a total of 9 years before moving on to bigger and better things. Eventually, Tawaia landed in Australia. Here he obtained a well-earned position at Austal, a well-established, Australian based global ship building company and defence prime contractor. There he fine-tuned his abilities enabling him to perform on a higher level. Tawaia continued to work around, dedicating himself and his time to each place, readying himself for the next opportunity, and evolving his capabilities. With more than 26 years experience in the industry, his skills more than exceed the everyday standards. Tawaia is now a dedicated employee at Seaspec Marine Services, and as an ‘A Class’ Welder his expertise are contributing to the progress of the company.


Toiahi Tuitahi; Certified Welder


Toiahi has been in the marine industry since 2003. Before Toiahi moved to Australia 6 years ago, he was working in the marine industry with a company called Sheet Metal Industries in New Zeeland. After a loyal 5 years at Sheet Metal Industries, Toi began working for an even bigger company called Surtees Boats. There he continued to further his competencies and skills for another 3 years. Upon arrival in Australia, Toi then landed a job with one of the largest boat building companies in Australia, a company well renowned for construction of commercial vessels. He remained there for 4 years before anchoring here at Seaspec Marine Services. With 14 years experience his skills are already more advanced than most, and, as an ‘A Class’ Welder, his recognition of the job is unbeatable. Toiahi is passionate about all aspects of his job, but he especially loves, “getting the job done”!


Nick Murray; Boat Builder


Nick was just 17 years old when he started his apprenticeship. He has been a tradesman Boat Builder for 2 years, and he has been working in the marine industry for already 6 years. Nick is a passionate boat builder and he has a firm focus on professionalism and quality of work. Before starting at Seaspec Marine Services, Nick began his career with Aus Ships Group where he established a solid foundation in efficiency and strong work ethic. A boat Builder has numerous tasks and duties, but one of Nicks favourites is fabrication and welding.


Adam Ralph; Boat Builder


Adam started working as an apprentice at 19 years of age. He began his work within the marine industry working for a colossal boat building company where he worked for almost 4 years before moving on to Dynamic Marine Service Pty Ltd. At Dynamic Marine Services he completed his apprenticeship. Shortly after Adam was fully trained as a Boat Builder he had the opportunity to run his own project, being in charge of the construction of a boat. Adam has been certified by trade since 2015, and he is now part of a devoted team of professionals here at Seaspec Marine Services. Although Adams job description is wide-ranging, he has an appreciation for fabrication and welding.


John Maoren; Trade Assistant


John is 23 years old and has been working in the marine industry for 3 years. With 3 years under his belt he is a well accomplished assistant and familiar with the day-to-day tasks involved to enable him to readily do his job.


Brown Manna; Trade Assistant


Brown is 33 years old and has been working in the marine industry for 2 years. In his time working for Seaspec, Brown has well absorbed the ins and outs of his daily tasks as an assistant.


Harlin Casey; Apprentice


Harlin is 16 years old, Seaspec Marine Services have given him his first opportunity working within the marine industry. As an apprentice, it is his daily task to attend to all the tradesmen